Smile Gallery

Before and After Dental Photos - Smile Makeovers Kensington, MD

C. Slovik

Thank you, thank you so much! I was such a mess when I came into your office, but you were all so kind. I’ve always been super afraid of the dentist, but because of the way you all treated me, I have never felt so comfortable in a dental office…Dr. Woo, you really worked a miracle!”
– C. Slovik

P.H. Rabajante

I’ve always hated the discoloration of my teeth and felt embarrassed that they weren’t straight. Getting Lumineers done with your office has finally made me feel better about myself! I am excited to show off my new smile with my family, friends, coworkers, and my passengers. (I'm a flight attendant) Thank you for changing my Life!
– P.H. Rabajante


T. Yared

Dr Woo is one of the nicest dentists I have ever met. He is a very soft-spoken person who takes great care of his patients… Dr. Woo gave me that beautiful smile I’d been missing for a very long time!
– T. Yared

Patty G.

My experience with Lumineer’s has been fantastically great. Prior to having Lumineers placed by Dr. Woo, I was always embarrassed to smile, and showing of my small shifted/ rotated teeth. Previous dentist had said that the only way to correct my smile was by wearing braces. Braces took time, and that I didn’t want to loose. Fortunately for me I found Kenneth Woo and Associates Practice. After a cosmetic consultation, Dr. Woo was able to correct my smile in just two office visits. Since my smile makeover I feel amazing. I am no longer ashamed of showing my smile. My teeth look perfectly straight, and gorgeously white. Thank you Dr. Woo for transforming, and giving me a great smile!
– Patty G.


Anna Ye

I really appreciate what Dr Woo did for me. It really made a difference in my life... I love the new me in the mirror!
– Anna Ye